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    MIME Types & Content Download


    regarding WAP_Phone_MIME_Types_v1.3.pdf, i am wondering how/when these mime types are supported?

    For example WAP_Phone_Characteristics_v2.0.pdf lists the 6650 as supporting Sending and receiving of 'audio/mid', and most other phones as supporting the receiving of 'audio/mid'.

    However, the WAP_Phone_MIME_Types_v1.3.pdf does not mark audio/mid as being supported by any of the phones. And even if it did, there is no means to specify for any of the mime types how they are supported, e.g. whether as sending/recieving of content, or whether a supported media type of the wap browser etc.

    Can i assume that unless specified somewhere else, none of the enteries in WAP_Phone_MIME_Types_v1.3.pdf refer to media types supported by the Wap Broswers?

    Hugh McGuirk

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    RE: MIME Types & Content Download


    Nokia WAP Phone Characteristics document lists those content types which can be downloaded to the phone via WAP using COD method. For more information about COD, see Content Distribution and DRM section at the Forum Nokia web site.

    Nokia WAP Phone MIME Types document lists those MIME/media types which can be downloaded to the phone via WAP and displayed on the browser. Some Nokia phones can also support some other MIME/media types which can be downloaded to the phone via WAP but cannot be viewed on the browser.

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    Mobile world

    where to download?

    can you give us the url to download this pdf file?

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