Hi all

Are as many others developing a application that uses NFC as it communication link.
This link is between a Nokia 6212 and a external reader (ACR122).
Has worked a lot with the NFC communications between Nokia 6131 NFC and the ACR122 but have now upgraded to Nokia 6212.

Now to my question.
The first think I want to do with my device is to set it in target mode.
When I try to make the connection Connector.open(nfc:rf;type=nfcip;mode=target) I get IOException!
The API does not give me much information, just "IOException - If some other kind of I/O error occurs".
Have done a lot of searching about this problem but hasn't find anything.

What I have understand should this be rather strait forward to make this connection:
//Set the device in target mode
NFCIPConnection conn = Connector.open(nfc:rf;type=nfcip;mode=target);
//Receive data from the connection

Am I on the road or am I on my way to the moon?

Someone who got an idea?