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Thread: Facebook widget

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    Facebook widget

    Right, seeing as noone else seems to want to make an attempt at a facebook app for s60 3rd, i thought i might have a crack (after my exams though)

    if i was to make it smooth with flash lite would i be able to put that in a widget?

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    Re: Facebook widget

    Hi mkr10001,

    yes, you can embed Flash Lite into a Web Runtime Widget.

    About Facebook: be aware that available Facebook APIs do not allow you to recreate the very same experience of the Facebook website, or of other mobile clients (e.g.: the iPhone one). Anyway, some cool applications can be surely built


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    Re: Facebook widget

    i hate apple and facebook for that matter. there is no reason why they should get a facebook app and we don't. even android has one.

    there is that fancy one for 5th edition though, even though there's only two devices. bad times

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