Might as well release something, too many things done and just waiting for announcement... Happy to tell that I could not crash 1.9.5 Listbox Few minor things under consideration, but so far looks really nice.

"View MBM" is a developer utility to check what is inside all those built-in MBM graphics files. Released as source code, compatible with both PyS60 1.4.5 and PyS60 1.9.5.

Version 1.10, release date 2009-05-26

* Dynamic MBM file scanning in z:\resource\apps directory
* Dynamic count of graphics items inside MBM file
* Better error handling
* Tested with 5800 XM (PyS60 1.9.5)
* Tested with N82 (PyS60 1.4.5)
* Tested with S60 3.1 emulator (PyS60 1.4.5)

As far as using built-in MBM file graphics in your own apps, better forget that idea. At least when using raw index numbers, the most important file avkon2.mbm just doesn't keep consistent between platform releases. Most unfortunately. Also the only way to make it future-proof would require having PyS60 built-in into each device. Nice idea, but not very likely to happen in near future.

Better pack all your own graphics into custom MBM and include inside your own SIS.