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    Maybe this forum needs an official "Replies Czar"

    Looking over the threads on here, there are some official responses to questions but all too often there's either no reply or a reply that just says "we're looking into this" or "contact me by PM".

    This isn't meant as a criticism of staff here, obviously the people who reply to questions on official forums aren't going to be the ones making decisions. It could be that the staff are being over-stretched and aren't given enough attention by the people higher up within Nokia who know the answers.

    Whatever the case internally, it's clear that publishers would appreciate fast and direct replies to their questions as soon as possible.

    No one is expecting something like Ovi Store to launch without a hitch. It's an ambitious project, spanning hundreds of countries, dozens of devices and multiple OSes. Everyone knows there may be problems, and accepts that's part of the deal with any big new project.

    What ISN'T part of the deal is the lack of communication over these problems, and lack of answers to questions about the service in general.

    Nokia's basically got two options:

    Option One: Questions appear on the Ovi Publishers forum, Nokia acknowledges them as soon as they appear, Nokia answers questions about the service and explains to publishers how they're fixing or investigating any problems raised. Publishers with problems see that something is being done, publishers with questions get answers, and everyone is happy. Problems aren't nice, but if you know they're being fixed then it's a LOT easier to be patient about them.


    Option Two: Problems appear on Ovi Store, Nokia says nothing, publishers ask and receive little or no reply, no one outside Nokia knows what the heck is going on, the forum moderators aren't able to explain anything, and publishers start filling this information void by writing down how angry they are with Nokia.

    The first option, keeping publishers informed, is the one that would benefit Nokia AND Ovi Store publishers, because it would build up a real relationship of trust between them and allow them to work together more easily. That kind of trust builds loyalty and understanding in both directions. If you make people feel appreciated, they will appreciate you too.

    The second option, basically ignoring publishers, is going to severely corrode the relationship between publishers and Nokia. That would put people off even being a publisher on Ovi Store, and the quality and amount of content on the store will suffer.

    Here's my suggestion to Nokia:

    Go for the first option.

    Assign one or more people entirely to the Ovi Publishing forum, and give them the real power needed to get answers as quickly as possible.

    There should be an Ovi Publishers forum "czar", employed by Nokia, who would have a direct line to the people within Nokia who have the information that publishers are asking for.

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    Re: Maybe this forum needs an official "Replies Czar"


    You are right on all accounts. I have been trying to handle the most urgent cases along with the Ovi Store developer's marketing manager but we have been doing a very poor job. This weekend was a Holiday in the USA where he and I are located and that has added for this weeks non-answers.

    All I can say is we are working harder on this and once the Ovi Staff get the mail under control they will be much more active here.

    No one knows better that this is not working well and I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the fear uncertainty and doubt that this has caused. I'm scrambling to make it better and hope that it will sooner than later.


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