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    Door access with NFC nokia 6131mobile phone

    Can any body suggest me the way how to develop the access control application with mobie.I have NFC Nokia 6131 Mobile phone and OK reader.And i want to develop an application so that if i keep my mobile near to the reader that door will open.

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    Re: Door access with NFC nokia 6131mobile phone

    well I guess there should be some kind of documentation regarding use of NFC through the JSR 257...
    So you might look for that, after that you obviously need to create some hardware interface inbetween your (electric?) door and the reader...

    check this : http://developers.sun.com/learning/j...pdf?cid=925300
    but there is loads to find on the net !

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    Re: Door access with NFC nokia 6131mobile phone

    Iam also developing the similar application.But i already did wallet application with NFC 6131mobile and OK reader.Now I want to use this mobile as Access control card.so from where i should start my application now.

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    Re: Door access with NFC nokia 6131mobile phone

    Here is a design brief



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