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    sign for SDK examples

    I am new to s60,
    i want try some examples in S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0\S60CppExamples (SensorExample,NPBitmap,Animation...) on my 5800XM phone,
    but if i build any example self-signed - if i try it install, phone writes "requested application access not granted".
    If i sign it over "Open Signed Online" (UIDs in the Test Range 0xExxxxxxx), after installation i could not find icon in menu/applications.
    is there any way how i can execute these examples on real phone(not in emulator)?

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    Re: sign for SDK examples

    Welcome to the DiBo :-)

    The wiki links below detail in great detail the signing process and the UID's to use for 3rd party apps and other details which would be nice to know for creating a sis file :-


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