hi, guys

I am a new member to this forum and i would like your opinion in order to develop an application of google maps for nokia mobile phones.

My application it get the longitude (x) and latitude (y) dynamic from the user, and it appears the point of x,y into google map. The code which i developed is written in asp.net with vbscript.

Acctually i tried my application on some models like E51, and the google map appeared successfully. On other nokia models it didn't appeared at all. for example when the user post the x,y it doesn't appear correctly on google map and also the tools of google map, (like up,down,left,right or the zoom in-zoom out), dosn't work properly. (Realy example: When I post x,y (39.364617, 22.933212 Greece coordinates) it commits me to a location somewhere in Africa. the result i was expecting to see was http://temp02.physiolisis.gr/default.aspx ).

i tryed, the same code, on sony ericsson mobile phones and the result was succesfull.

Anyone knows how to resolve the problem i have ?
any help would be helpfull.