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    Software protection on OVI ?

    I have a premium S60 3rd/5th app written in symbian c++ and presently sold through other channels with a License Key generated from IMEI number. I would like to make it available through OVI store and understand that I would have to produce a new version such that anyone purchasing would immediately download the full version (and not require any License Key)

    Does a purchaser have a completely unprotected version that he can freely share and potentially post to a torrent site?

    I hope that the application will only run on devices owned by the purchaser - as with the apple app store.


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    Re: Software protection on OVI ?

    Hi Richy,
    I purchased 3 apps and I can install them on many devices, for free, take look at this thread:

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    Re: Software protection on OVI ?

    This is a major problem. I have withdrawn my application from the Ovi store until a clear answer is given by Ovi / Nokia.

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    Re: Software protection on OVI ?

    I wont publish any MIDlets into Ovi store before this problem is solved. Has anyone found any Ovi MIDlets from torrents? I think there will be many any time soon.


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