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    Fonts used by Nokia in Phones

    I am creating an animation to run on a Nokia N73 phone for a TV programme. I have to copy a series of actions and then animate them to run in MPEG 4 on the phone. Dunno why they don't just do a 'cutaway' from a flash animation on a PC but this is what they want. My problem is that I can't find a font that looks close to the font used on the phone. I tried downloading some form of developers pack on here but it wouldn't install saying I needed perl installed. I know that perl is a scripting language that's used on html web sites, and I have to use it for return forms, but I don't understand even it's basics and though I have downloaded a version there doesn't seem to be an installer .... all I want is a font or two Problem is they want to film this tomorrow and I am falling at the first hurdle

    Any one help please


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    Re: Fonts used by Nokia in Phones

    Perl is not necessary if you are not developing anything. If you have installed the SDK, visit epoc32\release\winscw\udeb\z\resource\fonts in it.

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