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    6212 NFC SDK troubleshooting

    I tested the SDK on a Windows XP SP3 system
    jre 6.1 , jdk 1.6, Nokia PC suite, WTK 2.5.2, Netbeans IDE 6.5 and Eclipse are installed
    -Nokia SDK launcher: This SDK has been tested with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 only, and may not function properly on this computer.
    -The SDK starts shaking after touching the keys......looks like a rattlesnake
    -The NFC MAnager attached the Omnikey Card MAn 5x21-CL 0 (5321)but after putting cards on the reader the SDK crashs.
    Smart card communication error 0x80100017
    The specified reader is not currently available for use

    anybody who notice the same problems?

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    Re: 6212 NFC SDK troubleshooting

    The emulator works fine on my Windows XP SP3.

    You can take a look here to see how to remove that annoying message

    Adrian Vintu

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