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    What is wrong with N96 ?

    Hello, Has anyone managed to create a SIP profile and make a registration with it in nokia n96?
    I have tried every combination and couldn't register, However when I created a profile with the exact information in Nokia N82, it worked perfectly.
    So please let me know if anyone has created a profile successfuully in Nokia N96.
    Are there any consideration that has to be taken into account when creating a SIP profile in Nokia N96?
    I know that the voip client 2x and 3x are not implemented in Nokia 96, does that has anything to do with this problem?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: What is wrong with N96 ?

    If you click back to "You Are Here: Home > Community > Discussion Boards", there you can find a VoIP board. Otherwise SIP registration happens earlier than the VoIP client would do anything, so the problem probably does not relate directly to the version of the VoIP client.

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