In the documentation, it says this option does the following: "Adjust the indentation of pasted text to match the current indentation level."

I've found that it does nothing but stuffs the indentation.

Being of C embedded programming background, I like to use the old BSD/Allman coding style, so I have my tabs not set to insert spaces and make the indents 4 wide characters. Just writing that in case that affects the results if someone tries to reproduce what I have done below.

If I copy text as follows:

    ... // some sort of code here

    { // Some nesting
        { // Some more nesting
            FunctionLevel3_1(); // More code here

        // Try to insert copied block 'FunctionLevel3_1();...FunctionLevel3_4();' calls
        FunctionLevel3_1(); // More code here
            FunctionLevel3_2(); // Notice indenting is stuffed
            FunctionLevel3_3(); // And again
            FunctionLevel3_4(); // And again
Seems a bit pointless. The deeper the nesting, the worse the IDE is at aligning. I just turn the option off because at least if I copy from a nesting level and paste to the same depth, the indenting is correct with Adjust Indentation=OFF whereas with it ON it will always be wrong.

For me that is an IDE usability problem. Am I right in saying the option is broken?