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    Question Time expired trial versions - How to?

    Currently we offer a 14 day trial of a software for free at which point it stops working and the user has to uninstall or purchase a license.

    How are people planning on doing this using the Ovi Store?

    I can only think of 2 options:

    1) Publish 2 versions of the app, one time expired and one with the DRM FL, with the downside being that you need to get both versions verfied (more time consuming from Ovi's point of view) and also that the user has to go back to the Ovi Store in order to carry on using the app.

    2) Publish 1 free version of the app that expires, and sell the licenses seperate from the Ovi Store. I can't imagine Nokia would see this as an optimal solution.

    Do you have any other solution?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Time expired trial versions - How to?

    see this thread qa and other questions for previous answers.

    Basically time expired demo and full price version are needed.

    There more issuses about application security and IMEI encryted licence which is against the terms and conditions.
    Overview of Terms and Conditions of Ovi Publishing for Individual developers

    Looking at the application on Ovi store this situation with app security is a personal one because some people have locked paid content and locked demos. Some publishers are not interested in locking there app at all.

    Some publishers are so concerened that they have withdrawn there applications. There many be a formal statement but there is a lot of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt spread about. Some people have stated that they spent so much money and effort to get there app listed they just want to get their product out there.

    Remember that Apple took over six months before it would let smaller companies publish on their store and still refuses any app which competes with other products.


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