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    Symbian native components under the hood and Custom controls

    I am amazed at how well the native Symbian components are implemented. One of them is CAknSlider. CAknSlider is a control that has a slider that users can use to slide it along a bar whose orientation can be vertical or horizontal.

    Now when you slide the slider the sliding is very smooth and does not flicker. But if for some reason I were to implement a custom slider control I would not get it as neat as CAknSlider.

    So my question is how can I figure out how CAknSlider is implemented under the hood. There seems to be no straightforward way.

    Also are there any documentation online that documents the best practices to follow when creating custom controls.

    Please help

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    Re: Symbian native components under the hood and Custom controls

    Surely they do a good job thats why they are in business :-) lolz just kidding the CAknSlider would be a Nokia implementation at the S60/40 level using the Symbian API's, I dont think you can see the internal details of the implementation.

    But as for your own custom control you can start with the wiki link:-


    There is also a doc by Symbian which details it I am unable to trace it right now.

    For the flickering that you are seeing you should explore the usage of double bufferin and other optimised rendering techniques. Another thing to consider would be to invalidate only the portion of the screen that has changed and not the entire rect.

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