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Thread: Sending Smiles

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    Sending Smiles

    Hello all,
    If I made chatting between mobiles using bluetooth and , I wanted to send smiles
    too like what we did in Messenger I want to press options small square appear has the smiles choose one and send it what I need to do that??
    thank you

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    Re: Sending Smiles

    I guess the only viable way to do it is using Canvas (since that's the only way to display images).

    So your application's UI would rely on Canvas. That means you have to detect what keys are being pressed (using the keycapture module or binding keys to the Canvas instance) in order to display the characters accordingly (this may not be an easy task; you'd have to measure the time interval between presses to see which of the 3 or 4 characters on a key the user wants - and then there are devices with qwerty keypads...) There might be another way, though. Use appuifw.query to ask the user to enter the text and then display it on the Canvas.

    When you select Options and you can use TopWindow to show the smiles (you can organise the smiles as a matrix and detect keys in order to navigate through them).

    You can probably use a string of characters for each smile. You would send the string via Bluetooth along with the message, it would then be decoded on the receiver's phone and the appropriate smile would be displayed.

    Search the Wiki and read the PyS60 Library Reference and I'm sure you'll find everything you need. But this sounds like a very complex project...

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    Re: Sending Smiles

    Thank you Mr.bogdan.galiceanu
    I will do my best and If Did it I will told you
    Thank you again but after every time I will ask you if you don't mind

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