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    form and camera issue

    Hi Experts,

    I have form in which there are some textboxes and a dropdown list. and i have a option menu to take photo.

    Here is a part of my code which create a form, textbox, dropdown and a menu for camera

    stations = [u"Select" , u"Station 1", u"Station 2", u"Station 3", u"Station 4", u"Station 5"] 
    #Create the fields to be displayed in the form
    fields = [(u"Location", 'text'),
         	    (u"Station", 'combo', (stations, 0)),
              (u"User Id", 'number')] 
    #Create an instance of Form
    myForm = appuifw.Form(fields, flags=appuifw.FFormEditModeOnly) 
    myForm.menu = [(u"Camera",initcamera)]
    #Assign the save function
    #Execute the form
    def initcamera():	 
    	appuifw.app.body = appuifw.Canvas()
    	appuifw.app.menu=[(u"Take photo", take_picture),(u"back",backtomain)] 
    def backtomain():
    	#Close the viewfinder
    	#Release the camera so that other programs can use it
    #Function for displaying the viewfinder
    def vf(im):
    #Function for taking the picture
    When i press Options>>Camera, the form only is displaying. when i press back, i can see the camera. That means the camera is coming in background.

    How to make it come in Foreground????

    And after taking pic, i want to come back to the form.

    How these things can be done???????

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: form and camera issue

    why no replies???

    Please Help Me

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