Hi Folks,
I feel like I am the only one who uses Carbides UI designer on the entire board - after bringing you the Empty Softkey bug (and a variety of others), I am proud to present you the bug which has cost me four weeks of my life:

1) create a form with a list and an OPTIONS_EXIT CBA
2) Assign a menu
3) Dynamically add an item to the list

---- deploy to DEVICE...not emulator------

4) Doubletap the item (or select an item and then tap it again some time after)
=> menu pops up.

No events are fired BTW.

All the best
Tam Hanna

P.S. A big thankyou goes out to (in no order): Andreas Jakl, ltomulta, symbianjucca, all other forum nokia champions who chimed in, my wife, all people who left me alone while coding, the coke and iglo companies (drinks and fastfood)