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    How to copy a SIS file into an Emulator?

    I had downloaded a SIS file into my PC but don't know how to open it in the emulator. Can anyone help me up?

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    Re: How to copy a SIS file into an Emulator?

    Check out this Link
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Re: How to copy a SIS file into an Emulator?

    ok. I had figured out how to do it myself after done some research on the help documentation. It goes like this:

    To install a widget on the emulator, do the following:

    Copy the widget .wgz package to the emulator’s file system at c\Data\Others (full path: <S60_SDK_installation_directory>\epoc32\winscw\c\Data\Others).

    In the application grid of the S60 emulator, open the Organiser folder.

    In the Organiser, open File manager (File mgr.).

    In the File manager, open Phone memory and navigate to the Other folder.

    Select and open the installable widget.

    Follow the prompts to complete the installation of the widget.

    Once installed, you can run the widget by going to the Installed folder in the application grid and opening the widget from there.

    Anyway thanks for your support.

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