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    UI and default positions

    I have some problems with UI in my MIDlet. When I run my app on Nokia 6300 right soft key is defined corectly (it displays correct text) but I'm not able to override middle and left key !
    There is "Select" in the middle and "Options" on the left (and when I choose it, there are my positions).

    Is it possible to do something with it ? Maybe there is some hope as I managed to hobble right key
    If not - how can I handle "Select" key ?


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    Re: UI and default positions

    I don't think there's anything that can be done about it (though I'm not sure I understood your problem). Basically you have very little control over how the system displays commands. If you have more than one Command that would normally be assigned to the left softkey, the left softkey gets labeled "Options". According to the Forum Nokia Library:
    Labeling Commands

    Application specified Command labels are used:
    • as a label in the softkey to which the Command was mapped (in case where only one Command is mapped to a specific softkey) or
    • as a label in the Options or context sensitive menu item (in case where more than one Command is mapped to a softkey) or

    In S60 3rd Edition FP 2 onwards, the Selection key has a label describing the function attached to it:
    • If the Selection key executes a Command, the short label of the Command is shown as the Selection key label.
    • If the Selection key opens a context sensitive menu, a menu icon is shown as the Selection key label.
    • If the Selection key does the same operation as left softkey, a platform provided dot icon is shown as the Selection key label.

    The Selection key labeling functionality is available only in the portrait mode. The Selection key functions normally both in portrait and in landscape modes, but in landscape mode the label cannot be shown due to space restrictions.
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    Re: UI and default positions

    It also depends on what kind of Displayable you are using. Some kinds of Displayable have their own Commands. For example, List has a Command List.SELECT_COMMAND. TextBoxes may also have their own options, which you cannot control, such as changing input mode, or for inserting phone book entries. This may reduce the number of Commands you can add before the phone has to create an "Options" menu.

    Note also that placement will vary between models.


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