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    List all installed program on a listbox

    Sir, kinda need help here.

    how do i list all installed program into my listbox? c++ / java

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    Re: List all installed program on a listbox

    It's not possible in Java.

    I guess you can break your requirement into 2 tasks:
    1)Getting the installed applications
    TSS000257 - How can I get a list of all applications currently installed on a phone?
    How to discover all installed applications
    2)Making a listbox
    There are plenty of listbox examples on the Wiki too.

    The important thing to remember is that the Wiki and the Discussion Boards contain numerous examples and might sometimes even have the exact answer to your question. You should search them

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    Re: List all installed program on a listbox

    Sir, thanks! this help me a lot.
    Sir, just one more question; why i cant see TAB, CHECKBOX, on my carbide.c++ pallete?
    is there a configuration need to show that pallete?

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