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    birthday notification and daily alarms


    I am a new user of Nokia E71.
    Previously I was using a Windows Mobile device and I am looking for similar features in my new phone.
    I'd appreciate if anyone can help me to find the correct solution.

    1. I need to set a daily wake up alarm with special tone. Is it possible to define 1 or more daily alarms for work days only ?

    2. I am usd to being notified on my phone's home screen of the upcoming birthday events.
    On the Nokia directory, I have birthdays defined with my contacts. How can I make them appear in calendar and/or home screen ?


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    Re: birthday notification and daily alarms

    Yes you can have more then one alarm with special tones/your define tones only on workdays, you can set alarm and in the repeat rule set to only workdays.

    Your query looks more like an end user one and for a more suitable and end-user focused answer please see http://www.nokia.com/support or http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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