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    Using a netstream prevents app from running a the second time (5800)


    I'm receiving a "System Error" the second time I run my app on the XpressMusic 5800 (Actual device, not the emulator).

    1. Run App
    2. Start Progressive video playback using Netstream
    3. Close app (FSCommand2 quit or force quit)
    4. Run app again and receive "System error"

    Even after restarting the phone, running the app results in "System Error". The only way to run the app again is to reinstall it.

    I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thank you. Steven

    CS4 Fla file http://initapp.com/drop/BasicTest.zip

    Example Code:

    // Create a NetConnection object
    var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
    // Declare a NetStream object
    var ns:NetStream;
    /* When a change in connection status occurs,
    the onStatus handler is called and passed an
    infomation object with information about the change.
    Use the information object to run code when
    connection events occur.
    nc.onStatus = function(info) {
    // Output all connection status information
    // Run the following code if the connection is successful.
    // if(info.code == "NetConnection.Connect.Success"){
    // Create a NetStream object and pass it the NetConnection object
    ns = new NetStream(nc);
    // Attach the NetStream object to the video object on Stage.
    // Play the file "sample.flv". Do not include ".flv" when
    // playing the file on Flash Media Server.
    // }
    /* Call NetConnection.connect() to create a connection.
    To connect to a local file or to a file on a web server, pass null.
    To connect to Flash Media Server, pass the address to
    an application on the server.

    exit_mc.onPress = function(){

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    Re: Using a netstream prevents app from running a the second time (5800)

    Also, i'm using flash 3.1

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    Re: Using a netstream prevents app from running a the second time (5800)

    I tried your BasicTest swf and it works just fine on my 5800 with no System Errors. You might want to ensure that you have the most up to date firmware. Did you download FL3.1 from the App.Update service on device?

    You can look at some of the changes I made to the code to try and figure out what might be going wrong.


    Mark Doherty
    Developer Evangelist
    Adobe Systems, Mobile and Devices EMEA

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    Re: Using a netstream prevents app from running a the second time (5800)

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the assistance. We have multiple 5800 phones in use for development and we tested the application on one with a newer firmware version (v21.0.025). It worked fine on that.

    We're fairly concerned about the number of phones out there with the old firmware installed. Right now we're leaning towards adding a firmware version check to application. Is there a place this bug could be logged?

    I also tested your modified version on the phone and was unable to run the application a second time without getting the "System Error" message.

    Any guidance on how to proceed with this issue would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    This is the Device Info for the phone with the issue:

    Software Version:

    Software version date:

    Custom Version:

    Custom Version Date:

    Language Set:

    5800 XpressMusic


    Latest Update
    Not updated

    Flashlite 3.1 has been installed from App.Update

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