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    Elocation module causes app crash

    While using elocation module get_imsi() returns None
    And in a fraction of a second thereafter , causes a system crash .
    Is this normal ?
    Also to mention , to ensure it's not due to incompatible version of installation , i've installed and used all s60 v3 version available on the download page

    Some details if it may help-
    Nokia n95 8gig v31.something
    Using python 1.45 and 1.95

    Hoping for a solution .

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    Re: Elocation module causes app crash

    You could try some techniques mentioned in this article, in case there are any silent errors. Just to be clear, are you having this problem when you run your application in the form of a script and when you run it as a standalone application?

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    Thanx for replying dan bro .
    The app crashes irrespective of the get_imsi() code being in a script or as an app
    I've already tried these , and only after i couldn't figure it out myself , came to ask the creators of the module if it has something to do with the latest firmware update by nokia ?
    I've used this in v20.something without trouble .
    But with v31.something , it just won't work
    And no trace backs are there .

    Some details which may help:
    Nokia n95 8gig(n95-2)
    Rm 320
    Firmware 31.something

    Any clue ?


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