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    Cool Orientation switch does not re-scale scrollable tile layer? N85

    I have a 2D scrolling game I am developing, if I leave the option to switch orientation on the phone (in the settings menu) it happily switches my games layout from Portrait to Landscape etc. However it does not appear to scale the LayerManager viewport correctly and even when I update the viewport it does not display correctly. (setViewWindow() function)

    An example:

    I launch the game in Portrait mode and am playing (game screen viewable is 240x320), I then spin the phone on it's side and the view changes accordingly However the visible area of the LayerManager is now 240x240. It thinks it is still displaying 240x320, evidenced by the "centre" of my main sprite.

    Of course it could be a bug in my game, but I am not able to find it right now and was hoping someone could comment on a way to force my tiledlayer's viewable area to change or if they have seen such a bug before (either on an n85 or just a step I am not taking)

    edit: clarified I am changing the LayerManager viewport
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