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    How do we send and receive string array via bluetooth in J2ME

    Hi All,

    How do we send and receive string array via bluetooth in J2ME.
    Please send me the sample code so that I will gothrough that code.


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    If you are new to J2ME, MIDlets and Bluetooth, I recommend to start with a book or tutorials rather than code examples as you will have to debug a lot on your own. There are a lot of bugs, tweaks and lessons to be learnt. Bluetooth is complicated. I do not have a good J2ME book at hand right now, however, start with the references of this one for JSR-82 (perhaps your library has its previous edition) or read at least the PDF coming with the specification. If you like to start with tutorials, continue here…

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    Re: How do we send and receive string array via bluetooth in J2ME

    You don't send string arrays in j2me using bluetooth. You only can send/receive byte arrays.
    So, in your case, you will need to convert your string array to a string, convert it to byte array and, when you recieve it, you convert it back to a string, parse it and create string array.

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