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    textbox in canvas using PyS60

    Hi Experts,

    Is it possible to create a textbox in a canvas?

    when my application starts, a canvas will be shown. In that i need some textboxes. If i type something on selecting a textbox, it should display inside the textbox in canvas.

    Can this be done? If yes, Plz give some codes.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: textbox in canvas using PyS60

    What you said can be done by either binding keys to the Canvas or (preferably, in my opinion) using the keycapture module to detect keypresses and handle things accordingly. So when a key is presses you just display the appropriate character in the textbox on the Ccanvas. Of course, it might be strange on devices that have querty keypads and all that, but you can experiment.

    You can find info about keycapture in the PyS60 Library Reference and there are several examples on this forum, just search.

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