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    Nokia 3510i .mid files problem??

    i buy before some days nokia 3510i phone.
    I have a problem...
    I try to download a .mid file for ringtone..
    from the address http://www.bossoft.gr/wap/index.wml
    [the R.E.M. file [the last one]]
    The problem is this:
    i download corectly the mid file but when i am check this in my phone
    i recieve an error msg "CANNOT OPEN FILE"...
    3510i does not support .mid files???
    What is the problem???

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    RE: Nokia 3510i .mid files problem??


    I just tested this with Nokia 3510i (sw 3.80). There werethree midi ringing tones available at the page (Everybody, End of World and Eminem) and I was able to download each of them. So I guess there was earlier some problems with the file you tried to download because it has been removed since. Please try downloading one of the midi ringing tones mentined above and if you still have problems, let us know. Which software version your device has? You can check it by typing in *#0000".

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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