I know that there's a lot of questions that visual designers and creative developers have when working in the mobile space, and I'm hoping that you can post any questions that you have on this discussion board.

There's probably a lot of issues and challenges that we could help each other out with regarding design and user experience, such as "where can I find really good mobile web templates?" "where do I go to get a crash course in usability?" and "where the heck should I put this #&)%%=( button?"

As I'm currently helping out with the design and user experience programs in Forum Nokia, I'd love to be able to pop in with tips whenever I can. However, what would be even awesomer is if you guys here could bring your knowledge to the table and we could all learn new things from each other

And just a note on this forum: we decided to rename the old "Application Design" section to "Mobile Design" to underline the fact we're refocusing on visuals and interactivity, so you might notice a few posts more related to that than these. But don't let that stop you from posting!