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    wlantools occasionaly crash on S603rdFP1

    I need some help with the following problem.
    I'm using wlantools in a loop. At start it is working fine scanning wlans. However, after few minutes, while walking with the phone around (so wlans are changing) the script crashes within wlantools.scan() without any exception and Python exit.
    I narrowed it down to the following simple script which scans in a loop:

    import e32
    import wlantools

    def my_scan():
    w = wlantools.scan()
    return w

    while True:
    w = my_scan()
    if (w == None):
    for i in w:
    print(' %s'%(i['SSID']))

    I must say it doesn't crash while i'm sitting in one place. only when wlans are changing.

    I'm running:
    Nokia N95 8gb, S60 3rd FP1
    Python 1.4.5
    wlantools: wlantools-PyS60_1_4_5_3rdEdFP1.sis (which I signed with Symbian Online sign. and gave it all capabilities)
    Both Python and wlantools are installed on the memory of the phone.
    Any idea what could it be? maybe some dependency on bad library?? I ran out of ideas!?

    a lot

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    Re: wlantools occasionaly crash on S603rdFP1

    Apparently if I use:
    wlantools.scan(False) # instead of wlantools.scan()
    it doesn't crash. So I'm OK with that now.

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    Re: wlantools occasionaly crash on S603rdFP1

    Code without the CODE tags is untestable. Next time you post code, make sure to use code tags


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    Re: wlantools occasionaly crash on S603rdFP1


    I experienced the same Bug....every N95 even the old ones no matter which firmware no matter which python u use crash. The false thing also worked for me...I'm only intereseted in the RX Level. What does the (false) do ? U get less information, thats it ? You don't get the information that makes it crash for sure !

    Please tell me about your experience !

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    Re: wlantools occasionaly crash on S603rdFP1

    had a very quick look...lots of NOT operators which always confuse me, but scan(False) seems to fix a bug related to InformationElements in wlanscaninfointerface.h
    PyS60 1.9.7 on E71

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