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Thread: n85 voip

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    n85 voip

    i have n85 and sip acount
    i'm using the SIP_VoIP_3_x_Settings_v2_0_en client , i dont have problem with registering and making calls , the only problem is that when i make a call with a cellular phone i start to hear after about 30 seconds , the caller hears me normaly .
    i'm sure that the problem is in n85 , another 2 friedns have the same problem with n85 , i tried the same sip settings with n95 and it works well .
    any suggestions ?
    thank you

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    Re: n85 voip

    Welcome to the Dibo :-)

    Your query looks more like an end user one and for a more suitable and end-user focused answer please see http://www.nokia.com/support or http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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