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    BufferFilled gives User 23 panic.

    I am using VAS to play RTP Packets. The RTP packets recieved are fed to CDownLinkStream using BufferFilled.

    When I start downlinkstream, I am getting FillBuffer event.

    I have started uplinkstream,downlinkstream.

    My code snippet is as follows:

    RtpPacketReceived( TRtpId aStreamId,
    const TRtpRecvHeader& aHeaderInfo,
    const TDesC8& aPayloadData )

    In VoipTestengine
    void CVoIPTestEngine::SetPlayBuffer(TDesC8 aPayLoadData)
    HBufC8* address;(global variable)
    TInt16 n;
    n = iVoIPDnlink->BufferFilled(iPlayBuf);


    On calling BufferFilled I am getting "Application closed: VoipDownLinkThread USER 23". The size of iPlayBufPtr , aPayloadData are same. What is the issue?Please help me in this reagard.
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