I am developing a MIDlet wich connects via an HTTP connection to a webserver, I managed to connect to the server and send/receive data.

My application works in the Nokia Emulator using "Nokia Series 60 MIDP Concept SDK Beta 0.2" and in palm device.
But when I run It on the Nokia 7650 it don't work.

I have upgrade my Nokia 7650 phone to version 4.39, is it the right version? Any new version?
What to do?
Best Regards,

****************** I asked this before**************************
Two weeks ago I have upgrade my Nokia 7650 phone to version 4.39.

I have som question:
1) Where can I read about this firmware version, what have been solved and added?
2) If I found any problems, where to send them?
3) Any plans using internet to get new upgrades?
4) Where can I find information about new Nokia releases for Nokia 7650?

I have found one problem:
- If I use swedish I can't get any new mail from my Email server.
I get Error message: The server not allow me to get any message.
If I change to English it is ok!

Best Regards,

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03/03/03 01:56AM (2 ratings)

Hello Ove,

1) We don't publish any information about the changes between different firmware
2) You can send feedback (basically it's for development tools and apis) through Forum Nokia feedback system
3) No plans as far as I know
4) We don't publish firmware releases. Your best bet is following these discussion boards.

Sorry to be bit unyielding, but I just tell you what is company policy.

Petteri / Forum Nokia