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    N95 8GB Music refresh problem

    I am using a mac with iTunes and the nokia tools to sync my phone with music. But most of the times the refresh on my phone takes ages. The problem then is, from what i have read and understood from most people, that some "faulty" ID3 tags cause this stalling to appear.

    All good, but why on earth can't the music player just skip these files? Or make it time-out at 10 seconds when the file is unreadable. It takes forever to get some music on my phone. I have to manually put each file on it, and check which file is the one with the fault id3 tag. The phone won't tell me anything.

    Has anybody found a solution for this? And is nokia going to fix this?

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    Re: N95 8GB Music refresh problem

    Welcome to the Dibo :-)

    Your query looks more like an end user one and for a more suitable and end-user focused answer please see http://www.nokia.com/support or http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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    Re: N95 8GB Music refresh problem

    Ok. But can you developers then tell me what is wrong about the id3 tag? I assume you have more vision into the specs of the phone and what it can or cannot process when it comes to the id3 tag.

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