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    How can i load a bitmap from the phone memory?

    I have a fonction which save a bitmap called picture0.bmp in the phone memory.
    I would like load this bitmap, i wrote this:

    TFileName path = PathInfo::PhoneMemoryRootPath(); //Default
    path.Append( PathInfo::ImagesPath() );
    HBufC* iImagePath = HBufC::NewL( path.Length() );
    iImagePath->Des().Copy( path );

    CFbsBitmap* iLoadedBitmap = new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap();

    I have not errors during the build but it does not work on emulator. It can not load the bitmap.
    Please help

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    Re: How can i load a bitmap from the phone memory?

    CFbsBitmap::Load is capable of loading .mbm-s, Symbian's own native bitmap format. Everything else should be decoded using CImageDecoder, you should search for it in the SDK Help, the Wiki, and the Discussion Boards. You can also find related examples, visit Docs above, Documentation, Symbian C++, Graphics (or Multimedia?). There should be some example about image conversion (or ICL - Image Conversion Library).

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    Re: How can i load a bitmap from the phone memory?

    You could either use the decoder as wiz mentioned to load the bitmap or use the bmconv to convert it into native bitmaps that can be used to load the same at runtime directly with the calls u r making.

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