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    null cheacking in file

    i would like to know ,how to check the file reca16 contain null or not.pls send sample code.

    if (iErr1 == KErrNone)

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    Re: null cheacking in file

    What is 'null' in this context?
    Are you interested in the length of a file? RFs::Entry+TEntry::iSize could have told you that even without opening the file. However since you have actually opened it, RFile::Size can also tell you that. And if the file happens to be empty, reca8.Length(), reca8.Size(), reca16.Length() and reca16.Size() will all be 0.
    Are you interested in the first occurence of a 0? reca8.Locate(0) or reca16.Locate(0) can tell you that.
    Or what?

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