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Thread: Receiving MMS

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    Receiving MMS

    I want to store The attachement data (like image) received from a new MMS.
    I implement fuction that observe a new MMS event.
    How can i detach the image and store it in memory??

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    Re: Receiving MMS

    MMsvSessionObserver::HandleSessionEventL notifies you when something happens in the Message Server.
    When receiving something, you will get an EMsvEntriesCreated event in the Inbox, then one or more EMsvEntriesChanged events for the freshly created message.
    When the message is ready for reading, TMsvEntry::Complete will return ETrue. Then CMsvEntry::ReadStoreL can give you the CMsvStore object, and the AttachmentManager provides you the attachments themselves.

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    Re: Receiving MMS

    I succed on doing everything you are suggesting, but I have a problem with the AttachmentManager. This is a piece of code:

    CMsvStore* store = entry->ReadStoreL();
    if(store!= NULL) {
    MMsvAttachmentManager& attManager = store->AttachmentManagerL();
    _LIT8(KMimeBuf, "text/plain");

    // Cycle through the attachments
    for(TInt i=0; i<attManager.AttachmentCount(); i++)
    CMsvAttachment* attachment = attManager.GetAttachmentInfoL(i);

    and so on....

    I can't compile correctly because the struct MMsvAttachmentManager is unknown... even if I have included the msvstore.h library:
    Am I missing something?

    best regards


    ps: the error is here attManager.AttachmentCount() and evey call to this element, not doing MMsvAttachmentManager& attManager = store->AttachmentManagerL();
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    Re: Receiving MMS

    if the MMsvAttachmentManager is sitll unknown, you could chekc the actual header from API docs: http://developer.symbian.com/main/do...agerClass.html

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    Re: Receiving MMS

    Ok, I've included #include <MMsvAttachmentManager.h> and now it compile correctly...

    Thank you SymbianYucca


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