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    http request from Qt app

    Hello, I am currently developing Qt Symbian C++ Widget project. I have a slot function and I want to get text content of url inside this function by http request. In my widget_name.h file I have included the following library:

    #include <QHttp>

    but compiler says that this library couldn't find. Is there any good example showing http request from the qt widget application?

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    Re: http request from Qt app

    Opps! i replied to your other threads.

    Anyway, You need to include network module, to access QHttp header, during project creation.

    Check this image to include network module.


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    Re: http request from Qt app


    Take a look at this article on wiki.

    Jajal Mehul

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    Re: http request from Qt app

    Hi Savaj,

    I'm trying to access an internet server from my app using a QHttp as well, but it doesn't ask for access point at all and gets stuck. Do I need any additional step to get this "choose Access point" option or to use the default one?

    BTW, My app works fine on emulator and accesses to internet without any problems.

    Thanks in advance

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