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    Disable Autostart of the Camera Application ?!?!

    Hi all,

    I've written an Application who uses the Camera API.
    I use the Viewfinder and I can take Pictures from my Application and save to HD.

    Now my little Problem ...

    When the Shutter of the Camera is closed, my Application display
    a Messagebox "Please open the Shutter!".

    I open the Shutter, and then the Standard Camera Application from my Nokia
    N85 starts. This is not really nice. Because I have to close this Application before
    I can do the Job in my Application.

    My Question:
    Is it possible to disable the Autostart of the Standard Cameraapp, when I open the Shutter???

    Thanx a lot for Reply!

    Greetings Benny

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    Re: Disable Autostart of the Camera Application ?!?!

    If you search for camera foreground in the Wiki, you will get a couple ideas.
    Also note that there is a Camera example, visit Docs above, Documentation, Symbian C++, Multimedia. You may want to check if it does anything to keep itself in the foreground.

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    Re: Disable Autostart of the Camera Application ?!?!

    Hi, i could not find any solution to my problem..i wanted to know if is there a way to capture the camera shutter open event from the camera phones that have camera.
    The issue is once the camera shutter opens the app is either killed or backgrounded. Is there a way to prevent the app from getting killed /backgrounded or if the app is backgrounded , bring it to foreground ?

    Please help me out with this.

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    Re: Disable Autostart of the Camera Application ?!?!

    In that case consider checking the Java boards, Symbian C++ solutions certainly will not help you. Click back to "You Are Here: Home > Community > Discussion Boards > Development Platforms" on the top, and select Mobile Java

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