I am new to SYmbian and I have noticed that you put files in separate folder, inc, src, group, gfx, ...).
My first questions is would it be possible to use another organization because I already have a project with the following
structure :

include (with public API headers)
src (with some privates include and source files)
build (holds project for window ce and I would like to add a Symbian makefile here)

Second question : When you install a new SDK you are proposed to install CSL_Arm_Toolchain and is it the same
for ALL sdk or do I need to install it everytime (in anoter location of course) ?

Third question : in tutorial you learn how to compile for emulator with command line :

bldmake bldfiles
abld build
epoc (by the way I have never managed to see it in emulator even when pressing the key you give me on another post - I have to use Carbide)

So now how can I compile for device ?
And how can I deploy it - Bluetooth seems to be the preferred way ? what are the restrictions ?