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    Cannot download S60 5th Edition SDK correctly


    I've tried, unsuccessfully, several times now to download the 'S60 5th edition SDK'. Each time it downloads the file is less that the size it should be and winRAR says that it is corrupt. I've tried it from here. Is there anywhere else it can be downloaded from?



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    Re: Cannot download S60 5th Edition SDK correctly


    As you said winrar is not been able to open the file it means that your download is not completed successfully but it might be cancled before it complete or may be you are disconnected for a while.

    It was working as i had just download it last week.
    Jajal Mehul

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    Re: Cannot download S60 5th Edition SDK correctly

    Could you try to download it using a different browser or from another computer? I just downloaded it and it was fine.

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