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    Location based content


    We are working on a web service that provide location based content -
    if you give us the lat/long and type of info you want the service
    returns with a list of sites (with position and other details) for the
    app to use.

    We are mainly moving to aggregate content from various free/paid
    sources/feeds and also putting up our own substantial researched

    Please have a look if you are interested and any feedback would be
    greatly welcome!



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    Re: Location based content

    Few things, you are saying that it is free only for application that do 500 or less queries a day, thus are you cutting off the service after that ot charging for it, I think you should make this point more clear on your site.

    Also fo those who are interested of REST services, you could find well over thusand services from: http://www.programmableweb.com/

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