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    Video player question


    i have the following problem. I want to play small videos on Symbian phones. I know there is the class CVideoPlayerUtility and it is very useful. But what i want to do is a bit different.

    I want to use the video like a texture and show it with the OpenGL ES.
    I know how to do everything (at least i hope that!!) but the problem is how to get uncompressed video frames.

    The CVideoPlayerUtility class has a method called GetFrame(). I could activate a timer object in order to request the frames at a given time, but i have two questions:

    1]first, is this the right way (fastest) to do that?
    2]i don't want to show the frames in a window, how can i do that?


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    Re: Video player question

    That method probably will not be your best friend: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...deo_clip_fails
    Video decoder API-s are not really present in the SDK-s or the plugin-packs, so you will probably need to get an accessible one. Given the availability of OpenC/C++, porting an open-source video decoder should be possible, and you may find existing ports I guess.

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    Re: Video player question

    Not sure if they would fit your needs, but I would suggest checking out the Dev Video APIs from the API plug-in: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/SDK_API_Plugin

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