I'm a new dev looking to upload some themes to the Ovi store, and am currently stuck at the certification step. Can you confirm the symbian requirements for themes? As they are outputted as .sis files the requirement states that I require key pairs from Symbian. When I registered with Symbian and reasearched the Express Signed, it seemed to be what I require but the content ID's are 20$USD each for one use. For a single theme compatible with series 40 and series 60 phones would require 6 contentIDs totalling $120? (3 for S60, 3 for S40)

Can you confirm this? To get a theme that would work in: S60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Packs 1&2, S60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3, S60 Platform 3rd Edition Feature Packs 1&2, 5th Edition, Series40 Theme v2.0, Series40 Theme v3.0, Series40 Theme v3.0 light, would I need 6 content IDs from symbian to pass QA?

Is there an alternative if I'm simply uploading themes?