I want to ask about loading resource(s)in game.
As per now I have two ideas of loading resource(s)
1. To load all the resources(sound & images) before the game starts.
2. Or to load and unload images depending upon state of game . For example main menu background should be unloaded while entering to game and game background should be unloaded while entering main menu.

Which of the above two ways can optimize the game play more. And are there another ways to do resource loading ?

My another question is that I am testing a game developed by me on phones like MOTO V3i, but the game hangs and after compressing the images, I can run the game but game play is very slow, compared with other phones like K810, N70.
but when I install other online available games on V3i, whose game play is similar to my game, these games run faster than my game.
what might be the problem which makes my game slow?

Thank you for you time to read my post and looking forward for replies.