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    Problems with datasuite contacts backup (should concern everyone)

    Good morning Nokia, this message is directed to the Datasuite developers and bug fixing office, please consider the importance of this message thanks.
    Datasuite has a big bug on contacts managing sections: it will not display all the contacts data, in particular when I store more then one mobile number to the same contact. For example if a friend has different mobile numbers and I add them regulary by the N82 phone I can't display all of them in the Datasuite (just the first one) and so I CAN'T BACKUP ALL THE NUMBERS and eventually restore them to the new/formatted phone. This is a big problem, never fixed on new releases, please add this multi-number support, thanks.

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    Re: Problems with datasuite contacts backup (should concern everyone)

    You are most likely talking about the PC Suite however this is a site for 3rd party developers, there's nobody here from the PC Suite team to read your complaint. Please use http://www.nokia.com/support and http://www.nokia.com/discussions for help/feedback regarding Nokia products.
    -- Lucian

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