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    7210 Silent Problem

    I have just bought a Nokia 7210 and I am having a problem with the phone. I also returned another nokia phone (3510i) to another phone shop the same day after having the same problem so it obviously was the not the individual phone that was causing the problem. My problem is this. When the phone is in silent profile with the vibrate function switched on, the ring tone can still be heard if someone rings me. I have checked that incoming call alert, warning tones, keypad tones etc are all switched off. The only way to get the phone to stay on silent is to turn off the vibrate function but this is no use as I need to use the phone in an environment where I need it on silent yet I also need the phone to vibrate so I know when it is ringing. As I said it is not the individual phone as I have had the same problem with a 3510i and using a different sim card. Has anyone heard of this problem before or can you check it out for me and let me know how to fix the problem. Thank you very much for your help. Mark Mckim


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    RE: 7210 Silent Problem


    I haven't heard this kind of problem before. I think you could ask from the shop where you bought the phone if they could reflash your phone to the latest firmware version.

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