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    Unhappy Camera Example V3.0 problem

    I use Camera example v3.0 to capture a bitmap
    so I use ( CameraWrapper->PrepareL(iCaptureSize,CCamera::EFormatFbsBitmapColor16M) )
    then when I capture ,the MceoCapturedBitmapReady will be call
    repeat about 8 times, it's error , error number is -4 (KErrNoMemory ?)

    I already use ReleaseImageBuffer(),it's not work?
    It's very urgent, can you help me? thx,thx!

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    Re: Camera Example V3.0 problem

    Can not remember directly when the MceoCapturedBitmapReady is called, but I assume it might be called when the ImageReady for original camera callback is called, thus do you remember to delete the captured image also ?

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