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    Question How to perform HTTP basic and digest access Authentication using CSecureSocket class

    Hi All,

    I am new to Symbian platform.

    I am trying to implement a simple Symbian C++ HTTPS based application which will establish SSL connection with the web server and download files after user authentication using user supplied username and password.

    I have already completed the SSL handshake and to fetch html files from the server using CSecureSocket Class, however I need to perform HTTP Basic and Digest access user authentication to download the files onto the emulator ( S60 SDK 3rd edition). How can I do it? Is it possible to integrate the HTTP Authentication filter MHTTPAuthenticationCallback into CSecureSocket session, if yes How??

    Please help !


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    Re: How to perform HTTP basic and digest access Authentication using CSecureSocket cl

    Note that the built-in HTTP support (so the RHTTP-classes) can probably deal with HTTPS - and that is the part when you could use MHTTP-mixins for providing extra information.
    If you want "manual" CSecureSocket, you have to do the authentication manually, too. Just read the related RFC-s, and check what you need. The required algorithms are probably part of the SDK-s, but you can get additional crypto stuff from Symbian, http://developer.symbian.com, Tools & SDKs, Developer tools, Symbian Cryptography APIs.

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