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    helloworld application build problem

    when i am going to build a simple helloworld application it will generate error which is:
    RCOMP failed
    helloworld.app file not found ....
    how can i create this file

    i am using S60_2nd_FP3 which is properly added to Carbide perferences but i can not build the any project app file not found error is continuslly occored plz help

    thanking in advance


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    Re: helloworld application build problem

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer Discussion boards.

    Check console output (Console tab) for addition information about errors?

    Try to clean the build and build it again:
    abld reallyclean winscw
    abld build winscw udeb
    And also check RSS files for errors.

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    Re: helloworld application build problem

    RCOMP failed
    is due to error while compiling you resource file. so i suggest you past the all the compiler out put here that might help. also if you have not done any changes to carbide.c++ generate project then you might be installed tools,sdks in different drives.

    note: it is always recommended to use carbide.c++ v1.2 for pre-v3 SDKs

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    Re: helloworld application build problem

    Make sure that the emulator is not running when you build the application. Also check it in the Task Manager (epoc.exe sometimes stucks in the background after it is closed).

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